Why is my website speed slow

Why is my website speed slow

Slow website speeds are hurting your business, so why not get a website Audit to find out how it can be fast again!

So you paid a company to make a great website or you designed it all on your own, but now you worry that you are not getting the business you want because your website speed is too slow for modern-day browsers and you didn’t know that you had to pay extra for a speed booster to optimize your website speed… Now what?

We don’t presume to make any assumptions about why your website speed is slow but we will definitely take a look at the cause by identifying a few key areas that may be the cause of your slow website performance issues.

Some of the most common reasons are kind of frustration to understand and even more annoying to fix especially if you do not have the time to research each aspect of the cause of the slow website issues, a limited knowledge of server and database handling and a budget to use a program to get a portion of the job done.  That and a few other reasons is why we are offering a chance for you to get a discount on letting us take a look at your website, You know let us get under the hood and see whats really going on… We will give you a detailed report of the issues and then let you know what needs to be done to fix the cause behind the sluggishness of your website.

Once we run your website thru our trusted system of metrix we can determine what is causing what to happen both on the back end and on the front end. Many issues can be simple to fix, if you know where to go to fix them. Other issues may be a bit more complex and thats OK because we have the resources, knowledge and manpower to fix the causes of slow websites.

Just in case you are wondering what some of the reasons are we have made a list:

  • Images too large and not compressed
  • Code density (too many lines of code to read)
  • Text graphics (old way of doing business)
  • Slow / Outdated server
  • Server location
  • Lots of website traffic (its a good problem to have 😉 )
  • Too many files need to load
  • Redirects / Broken Links
  • Outdated / Non-Compatible Plugins
  • Outdated CMS (for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal)

Now that you know that there is a few reasons for slow website speeds we need to determine whether or not you want to get the problem fixed… Would you like a FREE Website Audit? CLICK HERE for YES!

We get a lot of request for audits and know that this is very important to you which is why you may feel free to contact us directly to get bumped up on the list for a small fee... Just use “Website Audit” in your subject line and send us a message to INFO@MB2ACCESS.COM

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